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Welcome to Minepro Minerals

Minepro Minerals is an India based Bentonite Clay manufacturer & exporter for various industrial applications.The company has captive mines in the Kutch region of Gujarat in Western India. We supply this high grade Bentonite globally for use in piling, oil well drilling( API Sec 4, 5 & 6, OCMA SEC 6), foundry, environment(Landfilling) and the construction Industry(Waterproofing, Tunneling & Earthing). It comes from the tropical region and as such has been naturally dried in the sun, and is of a very high quality with remarkable swelling and absorption properties.

With our clientele requirement & support, we are coming with new ideas and innovations in drilling mud chemicals and related polymers.

We understand you are using bentonite in a number of your current projects. We would like to visit you at a time convenient in order to show you our samples, and explore the possibility of supplying Bentonite for your projects.