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Minepro Minerals founded in year 2001 is privately held company headquartered in Mumbai, India & having its mine footprints in Kutch region of India where the company is extracting best type of the bentonite clay. This area has rich reserves of the best type of this mineral.

Besides manufacturing, the company also provides market reports on Bentonite, its demand-supply ratio, applications, latest trends and future advancement through our marketing company based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

We employ approximately 25 individuals who serve a variety of functions in our mines in India, processing units and distribution lines.

Our Indian bentonite processing facilities are located at Kutch, Gujarat. Our employees are focused on quality and continually look for new and innovative
solutions to customers' needs in the global market.

Our Goals are: Minepro products are the innovative results of field driven solutions. By being in touch with our customers, and dedicated to our goals, we are able to lead the industry in quality products. Learn more about our products, our markets and our facilities


Our Product Line:

  A) Drilling Products-   (API-13A Sec-4,5 & 6 & OCMA-Sec 6)
      For Water & Mineral Exploration Oil & Gas Exploration
  B) Construction Products-   For Piling Industry, Tunneling, Waterproofing, Earthing, Grouting, Diaphragm Wall Construction
  C) Environmental Sealants-   For Lanfilling ( Liners & Caps for Landfills )
  D) Binders-   For Foundry Industry,Iron Ore Palleting, Agricultural, Bleaching Earth Industry,Cat Litter Animal Industry
3) SODA ASH