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Our company believes that everyone person or a company should be part of social cause to benefit the society by saving the environment & help others in good causes. In year 2004, our company in Dubai initiated a country wide campaign called Go Green in conjunction with various companies, organizations & even individuals to make the community aware of pollution made to environment & how to prevent it.

Introduction & Brief:

Every year millions of empty printer cartridges, tons of paper and office equipment end up in the landfills in UAE. Or else they are sent for refilling, disassembly or handling at unmonitored facilities operating without appropriate environmental controls and compliance. This is hazardous for the environment and leads to environmental pollution, apart from an inefficient utilization of resources. You can prevent this by joining the Go Green offices environmental campaign.

Please find attached along with the Program Fact Sheet, which provides a brief snapshot of how the program works and benefits the community.

Go Green is a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program organized by Globus Inc.

Program focus
1 Working towards waste minimization, resource conservation and recycling in offices through out the UAE.
2 It aims at creating greener offices and a more eco friendly community
  I. Printer Cartridges
II. Environmental News
III. Eco Friendly Products
Currently first phase is active throughout the UAE.
1 Encourage Green Offices in UAE by reducing their outflow into the waste stream.
2 Encourage the recycling and/or safe, secure and sanitary disposal of electronic waste from offices, homes and communities.
3 Increase EW recycling by closing the gap between purchase and disposal.
How it works
1 Individuals, communities, business organizations sign up for the program. There are no joining fees.
2 A Go Green Liaison is assigned for collecting empty cartridges from the premises of the program participant.
3 Cartridges are sorted, documented and sent for recycling at well-known recycling facilities in U.A.E.
  1. Reduction in pollution.
2. Waste minimization.
3. Resource conservation.
4. Compliance with eco-obligations.
5. Enhanced productivity, lower printer downtimes and maintenance costs.
6. Encourage to an efficient work practice.
Globus Inc.
Globus Inc. is a Dubai, UAE based marketing company dealing in Bentonite Mineral and other special clays manufactured by its manufacturing company Minepro Minerals based in India. This clay is used in the drilling, construction, landfill along with many other industrial applications.