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Minepro Minerals Pvt. Ltd.

Minepro Minerals Private Limited is a decade old India based mining Company involved in mining of Sodium and Calcium base Bentonite Clay and its derivatives from its captive mines in Kutch Region of Gujarat in western India.

Bentonite is the unique clay with thousands of uses. Industrial application of bentonite are in Foundry (Castings), Iron ore palletising, Oil & Water well Drilling, Construction & Civil Engineering (Piling), Paper Industries, Electrical Earthing etc. Environments & Food Grade bentonite application are in Wine Purification, Animal Feed, Cattle Feed, Bleaching Earth for Oil Purification, Fertilizer, Granules for pesticides, Cat Litter.

One speciality derivatives of bentonite is Organoclay which is used in Paints, Grease, Ink, Cosmetics, Tyre & Rubber release mould agent, Epoxy, Adhesives, Construction Chemicals, Waste Water Treatment, Plastisols, Primers, etc.

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We have number of mines having best raw-material provider in Mining industry, today.

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