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We are an India based Bentonite and its derivatives manufacturer for various Industrial and Consumer applications. We are in this business since last decade. The company has captive mines in the kutch region of Gujarat in western India. We have extensive reserves of high quality sodium and calcium bentonite which are mined and processed carefully into many grades. About our in house facilities and capacity, we have monthly capacity 5000 MT in powder form and around 20000 MT in lumps form. We have our fully equipped laboratory. We have our own processing plant in Village Vandh, Mandvi – Kutch, Which is geographically near to India’s two big sea ports – Mundra & Kandla, so it is very convenient for us to dispatch bulk shipments in all over india as well as foreign countries and all the mines are very nearer to our plant. This area have another geographical advantage is bentonite extracting and beneficiating destination, accompanies and fact that bentonites found in this region are of igneous origin. Having formed millions of years ago from volcanic ashes falling in stagnant saline water in semi-arid conditions. Due to the natural characteristics of the volcanic ashes, the chemical composition of the bentonites found in this region is different from the bentonite available in the rest part of the world. These bentonite deposits are of natural sodium with higher iron content that gives them a dark colour. This type of bentonite give high strength and ion exchange capacity of it is useful to make all the type of grade for bentonite used in industries.

We are committed to continual product improvements using the latest in technology and statistical methods that document our progress. We are always believe in doing business in friendly environment and transparent value.

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