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Our Organoclay has broad-spectrum strength from high polar to low polar base oil for greases with other improved physical properties. It can be used as best oil thickening agent in high temperature resistant greases with less amount of costly polar activators.

“Brand Name” Organoclay is a best Theological additive for clay based Greases. It is an organic clay complex formed by the reaction of higher molecular weight cationic compounds with highly purified Bentonitic substances. Hectone is specially meant for use as a gellant and thickenerfor the greases based on clay and medium to high V. I. mineral oils systems.

Studies have identified the mechanism by which organoclay are able to impart full rheological control to a lubricating system. This mechanism encompasses four main areas of interest to the Grease manufacturing

  1. Dispersion
  2. Gellation
  3. Shear Sensitivity and
  4. Mechanical Stability.

Advantages of Organoclay for grease

  1. High gelling efficiency over wide range of intermediate and medium to high V.I. Mineral Oils.
  2. Produces reproducible Theological consistency over a wide temperature range.
  3. More efficientto improve grease yields and there by lower required gellant costs.
  4. Efficient Organoclay which improve grease yields by means of adding some useful filler and thereby lower requirement of Organoclay cost wise are more cost effective for the grease manufacturers
  5. 6.Easier availing Organoclay gellants which improve grease production rate and batch to batch uniformity.

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