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The series of organoclay which are made from natural and high quality bentonite We have the different grade of organoclay for all the polarity system like low, medium and high polarity, we have organoclay products which does require polar additives and also which doesn’t required polar additives and self activated. Our organoclay “ Brand Name ”produce reproducible viscosity and thixotropic development, a high degree of sag control and also preventing pigment settling.

We are also able to make organoclay as per the client desire solvent system and desire results required. We also have the organoclay for water base paint.

Type of Paints Particular Advantages of the Use of Our Organoclay
1) Industrial Paints.  
a) Air drying. Ease of Application.
b) Acrylic Coatings Improved mar resistance application of thick coats.
c) Bituminous Paints Increase Thixotropy anti-sag at any temperature, control of cracking & crazing.
d) Clear Finishes Anti-settle, Uniformity of sheen.
e) Epoxy Coatings Anti-sag, anti-float, application of thick coats.
f) Finishes Colour Uniformity, anti-settle, ability to apply thick coats in single application
g) Fire Retardant Paints Enhanced film adhesion on burning Reduction of flame spread.
h) Nitro Cellulose Lacquers Colour Uniformity, anti-settle.
i) Polyester Coatings Improved mar resistance and durability application of thick coats.
j) Road Line paints Increased wear resistance, anti-settle No effect on solvent release.
k) Rubber Based Paints Anti sag control of cab webbing.
l) Stowing Controlled flow at elevated temperatures Reduction in 'flash off time.
m) Vinyl Wash Primers Anti-settle, increased consistency.
n) Vinyl Primers Control of thickening at low temperatures Ability to apply thick coat in single application.
o) Zinc Rich Paints Anti-settle, control of gassing.
2) Decorative Paints.  
a) Drip less paints. Control of synergizes on storage.
b) Emulsion Paints Improved Emulsion Coagulation on film formation, improved scrub resistance.
c) Flats Anti-sag, anti settle, controlled penetration, controlled flatness and colour uniformity.
d) Gloss Less phase separation on storage Controlled flow, enhanced colour development in tints.
e) Multicolor Long term stability of the coarse emulsion.
f) Odourless Paints Less phase separation on storage Controlled flow, enhanced colour development in tints.
g) Primers Anti-settle, controlled penetration Ease of application no adverse effect on adhesion.
h) Semi Gloss Anti-sag, anti-settle, controlled penetration, controlled sheen and colour uniformity.
i) Stipple Ability to stipple immediately after application, easy brushing.
j) Under Coats (interiors & exteriors) Anti-settle, controlled penetration Ease of application, controlled flow.
3) Marine Paints  
a) Anti Fouling. Anti-settle under tropical storage.
b) General Anti-settle under tropical storage ease of application, anti-sag.
c) Vinyl Anti-Fouling Anti-settle, ability to apply in thick coats.
4) Miscellaneous  
a) Colours in Oil Controlled of Oil separation on storage, desirable Thixotropy ease of mixing to base
b) Paints, Strippers (solvent type) Prevents running on vertical surfaces does not require meticulous removal prior to painting.
c) Putties, Mastics and Wood Fillers Prevents oil separation, enhanced long term storage, controlled penetration.
d) Tinting Pastes in Alkyds etc... Control of media separation on storage desirable Thixotropy, ease of mixing into base.
5) Plastics  
a) Epoxy Thixotropic filler for putting compounds control
b) Plastisols and Organosols Control offlow, sagging penetration
c) Plastigel Provides consistency, suitable for moulding or extension with retention of shape prior to and during curing
d) Polyester Laminating resins -----
e) Polyolefin's Non drip additive, especially with a flame retardant.
f) Poly sulphide Stable Thixotropy.

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