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Cosmetic :

“Brand Name” Organoclay is a complex colloidal Sodium / Magnesium aluminium silicate derived from natural Smectite clays and purified by our special process. It is supplied as light creamy fine mesh powder with a surprising ability to swell in water or in organic liquids forming colloidal dispersion. It is thixotropic, tending to gel when at rest, but flowing freely when shaken.

Applications in personal care, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals are almost infinite in number. “Brand Name” Organoclay can be used in the manufacturing of best quality toothpaste, antiperspirant cosmetic make-up, aerosols, body lotion, face packs, creams, shampoos hair grooming aids and many other consumer as well as industrial products, in which it stands as Emulsion Stabilizer, Superior Suspending Agent, Non-Migratory Binder. Tablet Disintegrates, Viscosity Modifier and Thickener being Non-toxic and Non-irritant. The unique rheological properties that the additives provide are ideally suited to products that are applied topically.

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